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Regular check up & cleaning

Regular check up & cleaning
It is recommended to do a complete check up of your teeth once or twice a year depending on your general teeth condition. Now we use the latest intra-oral camera to let you check your teeth yourself, as well as digital X-ray diagnosis. We use ultrasonic scaling (cleaning) which is the best control of teeth & gum… It traets gum bleeding, gum retraction, removes stains (colors) of coffee, tea or smoking etc…


Operative Operative Operative

We do all kinds of dental filling, like


which has an affordable price , high durability , especially for big fillings or core build up under porcelain crowns…

Composite ceramic fillings:

which is widely used nowadays by almost all dentists. Its good shape, ease of application , satisfactory results are making them of 1st demand by the patients…

Glass lonomer fillings:

is not the strongest filling but is of great results for children milky fillings , in some simple cavities in adults , also as a core build up under crowns, as it has good shape , easy application , great bonding & protection of the tooth against decay…

Endodontics (Root canal)

Root canal
When the toothe decay reaches the nerv of the tooth, a nerv removal is recommended. Nowadays it became easier with good painless anesthesia , also with the use of new filling materials which gurantee no post operative pain of the tooth + no future complications…


A crown is strictly recommended after rot canal treatment for protection of the tooth.

Post implant & core build-up

Post implant & core build-up
If the whole crown of the tooth is badly destracted by tooth decay , or totally broken, but the root is in a good condition, you don’t have to extract the root anymore. We can implant a titanium post inside the root, then make a core build-up , so the tooth can be crowned or used as an abutment for a big bridge.

Pediatrics (Infants & children)

Pediatrics (Infants & children)
We care about child’s teeth; our clinic has special techniques for pediatric dental treatment.
1st the child must love our place. We have a special kid’s corner as a first way to attract your child to visit us. We try then to show him/her our equipments to gain confidence. Then we start our treatment with a fessure sealant, which is a material applied in milky healthy teeth to protect them from cavities…
In case of carious teeth , we fill them with the convenient filling.
Also we do a follow up program for teething of your child, giving the parents some educationsl programs for the teething period.Please read our article for the milky teeth in the website article section.
Remeber that the child is THE BEST PATIENT when he TRUSTS the doctor & loves him , that’s simply speaking our way.

Prosthondontics (Crowns, bridges , dentures)

Prosthondontics Prosthondontics Prosthondontics

If you have a missing one or more teeth , we supply all kinds of fixed & removable prosthesis…

Fixed crowns & bridges

Our clinic offers all kinds of crown & bridge materials depending on your demands.

1.Acrylic crowns

are still widely used all over the world as they have a good esthetic affordable price as well as durability…

2-Porcelain (ceramic) facing crowns

are also widely used ,just a bit more expensive material as metal reinforcement makes the of high durability as well as ceramic facing to insure long gurantee of color , stability & function.

3. Full porcelain crown

are the best all over the world nowadays. Its perfect esthetic, maximum durability, stain resistance & patient’s satisfaction are making them of the first choice. Not only are we offering the best quality of work , the best ceramic material & the best price but also a gurantee fo at least 15 years.

4.Inceram crowns

are sometimes recommended especially for anterior (front) teeth. It’s a full ceramic crown WITHOUT any matal reinforcement.
It is a piece of art in your mouth as it has no metal inside, but only recommended by Dr.Nayer when the tooth can be prepared in a special way.

Removable prosthesis
In case of free-end saddle areas or complete edentulous patients, we offer all kinds of removable appliances , whatever acrylic dentures or vetalium base denturs. We gurantee the best quality of lab works as well as the best affordable price.

Oral maxillofacial surgery

Tooth whitening system - Tooth jewels

Dental Implants

Dental Implants
It’s our big hobby, all our team enjoys to participate in this treatment.
Dr Nayer uses the latest techniques and implant systems as he always upgrade his skills through attending in many international conferences as forums.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment
We offer the latest orthodontic treatment performed by Dr. Ibrahim Mazen, MDS, PHD, Lecturer of orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Ein Shams University, Member of the Egyptian Orthodontic Society.
Dr. Ibrahim visits the clinic once a month for all orthodontic patients, using the latest technology for clear invisible braces and standard systems as well.

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